Personal training

Personal Training packages include unlimited use of open gym during open hours, free dance class, and discounts on special classes. Membership also includes free gym access for parents and providers with a signed waiver. Personal Training sessions can be 30 minutes or 1 hour.

1 hour sessions 

  • 1-Month UFIT Personal Training: $50/Session

  • 3-Month UFIT Personal Training: $45/Session
    ($180/mo. or $540/term)

  • 6-Month UFIT Personal Training: $40/Session
    ($160/mo. or $960/term)

  • Annual UFIT Personal Training: $35/Session
    ($140/mo. or $1,680/year)

30 minute sessions

  • 1-Month UFIT 30 minute Person Training: $25/Session


  • 3-Month UFIT 30 minute Person Training: $22.50/Session

    ($90/mo. or $270/term)

  • 6-Month UFIT 30 minute Person Training: $20/Session

    ($80/mo. or $480/term)

  • Annual UFIT 30 minute Personal Training: $17.50/Session
    ($70/mo. or $840/year)


open gym Memberships

UFIT open gym memberships offer flexible options and include unlimited visits.
Choose from a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month or one-year membership.
NOTE: One Personal Training startup session required: $50/session

  • 1-Month Open Gym Membership: $45/mo.

  • 3-Month Open Gym Membership: $40/mo. (or $120 per term)

  • 6-Month Open Gym Membership: $35/mo. (or $210 per term)

  • Annual Open Gym Membership: $30/mo. (or $360 per year) Best Value

Large Group Training

  • UFIT offers specialized training for large groups, schools and other community organizations.

  • Contact us to book a large group.

Dance Class

Dance Class is only $5 per person per session. Join us and have some fun! Dance class is free for members.

Dance class is every Monday from 5:30-6pm. 

SIGN UP today

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